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How to build a healthy habit stick

We are all in process, and striving for personal improvement is what keeps us moving towards the best version of ourselves.  Whether it’s to lose weight, become more organized or improve relationships, progress comes down to new habits. It’s much easier to conceptualize the new habit and make a plan than to follow through for Read more about How to build a healthy habit stick[…]

Things You Should Know About Pilates Exercises

Discover Pilates When you talk to your personal trainer about doing an exercise that involves using sticks and squeezing balls, there’s one routine that you can think of—the pilates body fitness routines. This is said to be good for pregnant women who were trying to maintain their body figure despite their pregnancy. Well, obviously the Read more about Things You Should Know About Pilates Exercises[…]

Who is Jen Bosco? Interview

Q:  Who is Jen Bosco? Therapist, Personal Trainer and Reiki practitioner… I suppose those are really just labels of services I am trained in.  No matter what modality I’m using, my goal is to help ease people’s emotional or physical pain while also helping them to realize all that they are capable of.    My personal Read more about Who is Jen Bosco? Interview[…]

Why should you start with a personal trainer?

Young woman doing exercise with dumbbellsLadies, you know that feeling – you really would like to do something for your body, but if you imagine a gym full of men, you are just too scared. All the big machines, sweat, men’s looks .. just ugh!
Don’t worry any more! There is a much more pleasant way how to start working out. The answer is a personal trainer. […]