Resiliency is about perspective

Unexpected and difficult things will happen to all of us throughout life.  How we handle it and bounce back depends so much on our perspective and what pieces of our lives we choose to focus on.  Of course we need to look back at our experiences to learn from them and process them, but we need to spend more time focusing on the present and planning our future, than looking back.  Realizing that the future holds new opportunities and experiences increase the ability to be resilient in difficult times.

When you’re really struggling it may take real effort to get your mind to think in this way, but putting effort into it is worthwhile.  Gratitude meditations can be very helpful to gain a more positive and realistic perspective on what’s happening as well.

This is a simple exercise that involves sitting comfortably, closing your eyes (I like to put my hands on my heart to bring a focus for the feeling) and thinking of something or someone that you are grateful for. Focus on this and hold that feeling for a few minutes before moving on to something else you are grateful for.  You can do this for as long as you like and it will help you regain a positive perspective to increase your resiliency and strength as you go through this difficult time.