August 30, 2015

Find Strength in Your Body With Personal Training and Healthy Lifestyle Counseling

Don’t be afraid of fitness!

fitness and healthYou deserve to live in a body that you feel comfortable with and proud of.

For those who have tried to meet fitness and health goals with little success this seems like an experience out of reach. Making lasting changes to your physical health can be a complex process that involves lifestyle changes as well as changes in how you think about yourself and your body.

The problem with the general focus of many personal trainers is, that the need to adjust thinking while making changes to the physical body is ignored or not understood. I use my knowledge as a counselor while being a personal training and so I am able to address the complexity of this process.


Why is personal training the best way to start?

  • Support and guidance in setting realistic and meaningful goals.
  • Exercise and nutrition guidance and programs set up specifically for you, to meet your unique goals.
  • Flexible options for when, where or how you want to exercise, including with in a gym setting, your home, a local park…anywhere you are comfortable!
  • Training will fit your needs, condition and skills. We will progress as slow as need.
  • Suitable for complete beginners who never trained before and also for those who are already engaged in exercise but what to improve their current fitness level.
  • Accountability and help through motivational struggles whenever you need it!

What is an Assessment Session Like?

Jen Bosco Fitness trainerDuring the assessment session we will spend an hour talking about your health and exercise history as well as your goals and current motivation. You will then engage in a few exercises that will give us information about your current fitness level. Before you leave, we will go over a ‘starter workout’ designed to get your body moving and working before your next appointment.


Can I workout with a friend?

Girls with fitness ballsI offer personal training sessions for the individual or for small groups of 2 or 3 people.  Working out with a friend can be fun and motivating while cutting some of the cost.


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