Who is Jen Bosco? Interview

Jen Bosco Fitness trainerQ:  Who is Jen Bosco?

Therapist, Personal Trainer and Reiki practitioner… I suppose those are really just labels of services I am trained in.  No matter what modality I’m using, my goal is to help ease people’s emotional or physical pain while also helping them to realize all that they are capable of.    My personal path has shown me how interconnected our bodies and minds are.   I carry this perspective on wellness with me with all of my clients because I believe you can be the most helpful and see the quickest results when you take into account all aspects of a person.

Q: How did you start with fitness?

I remember being a young teenager (14 or 15) and feeling unhappy with my weight and deciding I wanted to try to do something about it.  I asked parents to get me an aerobic step video and step and I would exercise with it early most mornings before school.  Once I started to feel more confident in myself while exercising I started to go to the local gym.  In my later teens and early 20’s I started to notice that I could use exercise to improve my mood when I was going through difficult times.  This lead me to be interested in the connection between mind and body and through undergrad I would study the research on this anytime I had a chance.  While in Graduate school for Holistic Counseling I took my interests in fitness to another level and got certified as a Personal Trainer and work in a gym.  This was a great experience for me, I loved seeing my clients begin to feel better about their physical body and gain a confidence that impacted their whole life.

Q: Have you ever done any fitness contests?

I have not, I know I need to keep my life in balance, my concern with my physical body cannot become a bigger focus for me than my attention to mind and spirit.  I don’t know that I could commit to that level of competition and without losing the balance I need to be my healthiest.  I do have a lot of admiration for those who can do it!

Q: How can you make it easier for ladies at a higher age to start with fitness?

It’s all about starting where you are at and realizing there is not shame being what you are right now, and that gains can be made at any age.  I’ve had many experiences with older clients who are afraid that exercising will make their aches and pains feel worse, but if we take it slow and listen to the body (knowing when to push it and when to ease up), progress happens!   I have worked with ladies who were afraid to sit on the floor at first (for fear they wouldn’t be able to get up) and see them progress to doing pushups and all kinds of things they didn’t think they would ever be able to do.  It’s so inspiring and exciting to watch people learn they are capable of so much more than they though!

Q: What is your most favorite equipment to train with?

The body!  I used to love to spend time at gyms trying out the latest and greatest equipment, but as my life has gotten busy with responsibilities as mother, wife and business owner, I don’t always have time to go to the gym…and sometimes I don’t want to!   If you know how to do it, you can get an amazing workout with little to no equipment, your body gives you all of the resistance you need.

Q: You are very interested in Reiki. What is it all about?

ReikiReiki is as a form of energy healing that originated in Japan.  In addition to being physical and mental beings we are also energetic beings and the practice of Reiki is aimed at addressing this part of ourselves.  A Reiki session is a very relaxing experience for the recipient, in which the energy system is balanced.  In addition to being relaxing, Reiki can help to heal emotional and physical pain.  I was fortunate to be trained by a Reiki master who is also a psychotherapist and she taught me how to use Reiki in combination with psychotherapy to create profound emotional healing and insight.  As I move along my path, I can see a place for Reiki with some fitness clients as well.   For some people one of the issues that gets in the way of consistent exercise is physical pain and Reiki can help with that.

Q: Your education covered therapy, stress management, depression. How is this connected to fitness?

I have found that all of these things are interconnected!  I often incorporate and discuss the usefulness and importance of exercise in battling anxiety, stress and depression with psychotherapy clients.   I also find that when a fitness client is struggling to create consistency, barriers often include negative thinking patterns about themselves or exercise in general.  I can use my training as a therapist to help clients overcome their negative thinking patterns and increase their motivation and follow through.

Q: What is stress management? How does it work in practice?

Stress management is about life style choices and maintaining wellness in order to avoid physical or emotional illness.  We all have stress in our lives and we all react to it in a unique way.  Learning how to manage stress is very empowering and increases the sense of control a person has over their life.  Healthy eating, exercise and positive thinking are important keys to affective stress management.  Just as each person’s stress in unique to them, so is the best way for them to manage that stress.  Affective stress management begins with understanding the way a person thinks about and reacts to stress.