Why should you start with a personal trainer?

Young woman doing exercise with dumbbellsLadies, you know that feeling – you really would like to do something for your body, but if you imagine a gym full of men, you are just too scared. All the big machines, sweat, men’s looks .. just ugh!
Don’t worry any more! There is a much more pleasant way how to start working out. The answer is a personal trainer.

Fitness gym Essex, CTIf you live in Essex, CT, you are welcome to contact me via this form. We will start from basic excercises in a friendly private environment. After you become more confident, visiting a gym will be no fear! 🙂


Working out with a friend or partner is always good. It not only saves money for both of you, but it is more fun and a bigger challenge for both of you.


Do not hesitate and start today! 🙂 Remember, excuses don’t burn calories.