Holistic Wellness Counseling

Holistic Wellness

Why holistic wellness coaching? 

Do you want to improve your mental health and outlook on life, while also improving your physical health?

Are you successful in your career or other major rolls in your life, but behind the surface struggle to manage stress, anxiety and feelings of depression?

Do you feel that managing and making time for self-care, exercise and healthy eating is impossible?

The purpose of the Holistic Wellness Coaching Program is for individuals to work through their barriers and challenges to lifestyle change, learn to integrate new healthy habits and be able to move through life with a new sense of health, confidence, control and excitement.  

What does the holistic approach to coaching look like?

Everyone's needs, history and challenges are unique therefor, each clients' program design and focus is unique to them.  For all clients the Holistic Wellness Coaching Program is a deep dive into understanding how your mental and physical health impact each other in positive ways, and ways that hold you back from your goals.  In this process we will discuss and move past issues of fear or discomfort with exercise as well as emotional eating and food addiction.  Together we will develop a better understanding of how your self-concept and self-esteem are controlling your daily habits.  Your unique program may include counseling sessions, workouts and personal training, meditation coaching and energy healing.  We will decide together which elements will serve you best.  


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