Holistic Wellness Counseling

Holistic Wellness

Why holistic counseling?

Everyone has their own unique story which is full of both success and happiness, as well as challenges. We are not one dimensional beings and our experiences affect us in complicated ways. Often times it is difficult to understand how we got to this point of discomfort, whether our complaint is about our emotional state, our physical body or a loss of connection to things greater than us. Through Holistic Wellness Counseling we acknowledge several aspects of your mental and emotional state, and address them simultaneously to create a deep sense of wellbeing. This process looks different from person to person because each journey is unique.

What does the holistic approach to counseling look like?

Some clients work is focused mainly on regaining their physical fitness while using Reiki to alleviate the chronic pain that got in the way of maintaining good exercise habits in the past. For others, their path includes learning how to use exercise and spirituality to manage and overcome depression and anxiety. With the ability to understand and address multidimensional parts of each person, healing, wellbeing and optimal health becomes possible!

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