Rebuild Coaching Program

I am passionate about helping women let go of the shame, grief and fear that so many feel in the wake of a divorce. I am passionate about it because I have been there, I know how lonely and sad some days feel. I know how difficult it can be to rebuild your sense of self and identity, I understand the grief you feel about the loss of the life you thought you were going to have. I understand the self-doubting and fear focused thinking that can pop at any time.

I also know the amazing sense of personal power, happiness and confidence that is awaiting you as you rebuild yourself and your life. I call this program Rebuild Coaching because I know that getting a divorce can feel like your life has just shattered into a million pieces.  The beautiful part of that shattering life, is that you now get to rebuild it to look like anything you want.

In this 6 months coaching program you will learn to form the picture of the future you desire.  You will learn how to heal and grow mentally, physically and spiritually, to become that person who gets to live that amazing life. You deserve to be happy, healthy and confident, your life is not over, it is just beginning!

Throughout your 6 month journey in the Rebuild Coaching Program you will receive weekly one on one coaching sessions with me, as well as having access to 2 group coaching sessions a week AND weekly content delivered to your email. Throughout all of this we will talk about everything from your mental health and mindset, to your physical health and fitness goals. We’ll also explore your connection and relationship to your personal power and any higher power that speaks to you.

Throughout these 6 months we will do a deep dive into your personal and unique journey, we will work to heal the traumas and negative experiences that you have endured. Together we’ll set goals and create new habits to get you into the physical shape you desire in order to fully connect to your self-confidence. We’ll explore your relationship patterns and topics of boundary setting and self-care so that you can have fulfilling relationships in the future.

You deserve to be happy, you deserve to take care of yourself, you deserve to have healthy and meaningful relationships. You have been through a lot and having a coach to guide you through this transition will allow you to get to the other side, happy, healthy and whole and fully in control of your new life.

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